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Zimbabwe: now open for business?

September 18, 2008

Just patting myself on the back for managing to get a single bookmark automatically uploaded.

Quite a challenge! But I thinkit’s a useful tool to keep track of websites visited.

So why bookmark Zimbabwe? A deal has been reached there. Although perhaps unstable, let’s hope the future will allow tourism to grow.

So this is first time I’ve seen/heard it mentioned. Tourism to Zimbabwe is rarely touched upon in the media, so interesting to see Travel Weekly looking at it. There’s also an amusing blog.

I was there for a month travelling, in 1999. I was lucky to get out in December, as the petrol crisis had just began and I had to get a train (Bulawayo to Victoria Falls).

That month marked the start of the decline, and it’s incredible to think it has been 10 years ago.

The wealth of it’s tourism offerings is so rich, and the people so friendly, I’ll be watching the situation unfold carefully.

I think more operators will begin to sell Zimbabwe in the near future…

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