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September 21, 2008

And so the add-ons continue. Technolcrati looks good, so that’s in the bag.

What it does exactly I’m not 100% sure, but it has a serious name, so I’m in.

Meanwhile, and the reasons for the Delicious links (if they post up), very readbale thoughts from Paul Wilkinson on web 2.0, blogging etc, and how people in his industry dismiss it all with quizzical looks.

I interviewed Paul a couple of years ago, while working for QS News, and have followed his blog on and off since. The quizical looks are normal – perhaps less so in travel & tourism, as this is an insustry lightening quick to take up new technology. But among coleagues, there’s still a massive resistance.

It’s an insightful blog, despite having such a specialist nature i.e. collaboration technology within the construction industry.

Secondly, spotted this thing called tumblr from former editor John Welsh’s blog.

I really like the concept of having a simple screen, with a few pictures and quotes. Quite stylish theme too, and overall intruiging.

What amuses me too is the ease of signing up. Claims include ‘sign up in 5 seconds’ on most of these. Will the next step involve just visiting a web page, and before you know it everything is done for you. Watch this space…

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  1. John Welsh permalink
    September 24, 2008 1:51 am

    Hi Matt
    Welcome to the blogosphere! It is so good to meet you here. I found you because your references to my blog and my Tumblr leave links back to my site.
    I really like your idea of trying everything out. I must have tried out around 15 different widgets for my blog and am still in the process of exploration. As for Tumblr – and I might add Posterous and Zimbio to your list – I am not sure where they take us. For me, I guess the goal is a beautiful Lifestream (that is somewhere where all my digital activity is hosted) which is easy to set up AND does not need its own input. Tumblr does the first but not the second. You should try Sweetcron for that.
    If you want to have some time for a chat, give me a call. We can compare notes.
    Congratulations for getting started once more! You are going to love the ride.

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