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My blogging experience so far

September 28, 2008

Although a mere 12 days since the creation of this blog, I’ve got a few comments about the process so far:

I’m liking it: So far, that is…

It is time consuming: Lots of widgets to add, things to sign up to. As well as typing out my life history, cat’s maiden time and memorable question (which incidently is this: “gdfhdfhjhsd”), millions of times there is the problem of being waylaid by other more professional blogs, and clicking through to other links, and their links, and so on. Eventually you have 47 windows open in your browser, and you wonder where the time has gone.

I’m worried: I have typed out my personal details onto so many websites, and I have only a vague idea why in most cases. All part of the process of getting connected, and making the blog come alive (technically speaking), I guess, but there’s an awful lot of trust being placed.

I can’t spell: Worrying, as my job is to be thorough in this respect.

Videos are good: Didn’t think I’d say this, but videos seem pretty powerful in terms of grabbing attention. To date, my most popular entry has been a rather piss-poor video of Blackfriars bridge. At night.

Just do it: I’m finding that I need to get things down quickly, otherwise they disappear.

Mobile phones: Download for free Opera as your web browser. It works for Twitter and WordPress, as long as you don’t want them to remember your name/password, as there are problems with cookies.

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