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Blog Action Day, and the Family Holiday Association

October 14, 2008

Blog Action Day 2008

So today is Blog Action Day, and I’m going to use this day to briefly talk about the Family Holiday Association.

Working for Travel Trade Gazette, the FHA is a name that appears regularly, most recently in the last issue where the infamous FHA Fun Run took place at the Abta Travel Convention in Gran Canaria.

It has a simple function – to provide holidays for families living in poverty, or dealing with illness or disability. The concept makes so much sense. We all need to get away from it all sometimes. And holidays, especially when growing up, are so important in shaping our view of the world. Even as adults, memories of our holidays as a child (for me anyway) are so strong. They stick with you.

Tragically its founder, Pat Laurence, died in January this year. Reading his obituary in the Times after we heard about the news, I was moved so much by the story of how he helped set it up, and how his daughter’s bronchitis improved after a week by the sea, sparking the idea, and by his dedication to the charity.

So if this blog can acheive anything, it would be to spread the word of the FHA. Within the UK travel industry it is well known, well liked and supported.

It’s easy to donate money via their website, and they are always running innovative fundraising activities.

They also sold Fraggle Rock puppets during the Abta Travel Convention, which is a reason in itself to write about the FHA.

Update: Colleagues’ Blog Action Day posts

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