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My attempts to make sense of Web 2.0 websites

October 16, 2008

Just added a new page section to this blog, trying to explain what ‘Other ways to follow me’ is all about. It’s as much for readers of this blog as much as it is for me… Hope it makes sense, but if it doesn’t, or if I’ve missed things, please leave a comment.

Here’s the entry…

On the left you’ll see a header saying: ‘OTHER WAYS TO FOLLOW ME’

So, in this mini-page I’ll explain what this means, and what each of these links is all about.

First off, before the fancy websites: RSS feeds. (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, in case you wanted to know)

You’ll hopefully see the RSS logo in the bar at the top of your browser, or copy it here. By using an RSS reader, you’ll be notified of each new post that gets added to my blog. Simple. Good for mobile phones

My Delicious
Delicious is a website that keeps tracks of internet bookmarks. So here you can find various websites that interest me, I’ve read, or bookmarked because I mean to read them (but never actually get round to it).

My Digg It
I’m new to Digg It, so not much here. The gist is that this website stores websites that I ‘digg’ I imagine… so similar to Delicious.

My FlickR
FlickR is a website that stores photos (and videos possibly). Clicking on this link takes you to my section on FlickR, where you can see my own photos. Simple!

My FriendFeed
This website summarises this blog in a very simple way. It’s a bit like Tumblr, but lists each new thing I add to this WordPress blog as a text entry. And I think you can use this as an RSS feed quite effectively.

My Tumblr
This one’s a bit more complicated to explain. Tumblr is what’s known as an aggregator. It’s connected to this blog, and basically takes each activity – blog post, twitter, pictures, my Delcious bookmarks etc), and places each one into a nice box, with a date. It’s a fun website, and offers an easy-to-understand snapshot of this WordPress blog.

My TwitPics
Like FlickR, this a fun website that shows my photos (mostly taken from my phone). The photos are also posted on to Twitter. Fun, simple website.

My Twitter
Twitter is a micro-blogging website. You can’t write more than 140 characters, so it’s full of short comments, and based upon the question: What are you doing? Here you’ll find my ‘tweets’ – and so is a good way to follow what I’m up to, and muttering about…

My YouTube
Clicking on this takes you to various videos I’ve uploaded. Apologies for the quality in advance, as they’re mostly taken using my phone.

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