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‘Project James’ – Jonathan Hinkles has a rescue mission with new airline

October 25, 2008

Recession, what Recession? Flying in the face of economic meltdown, there’s a new airline being created, as TTG reports on its front page.

With a working title of ‘Project James’ it’s been timed to coincide with the new James Bond film ‘Quantum Of Solace’ . OK, that’s not really true. But it could be – it’s a daring mission.

The man behind the venture is Jonathan Hinkles, the former UK boss of Zoom Airlines. I’ve mentioned him before here.

However, this dynamic 33-year old isn’t planning on recreating the low-cost flights to Canada Zoom once flew, he’s going for the popular Sharm el Sheikh route.

Following the collapse of the XL Leisure Group, and therefore XL Airways, a capacity gap suddenly appeared.

Hinkles is currently getting investors together.

This airline could see itself competing with Kiss Flights – itself an airline (well, seat-only operator really) that was also reborn out of the ashes, from XL (more here).

What’s impressive is that all of this is taking place under the shadow of a recession. If anything, it shows demand is there and people want holidays. It’s also a boost for the bed banks (companies that sell hotel rooms). So some welcome good news all round.

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