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Impressive Saw flash microsite from Thorpe Park

October 26, 2008

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When I started this blog I didn’t think I’d be writing too much about web marketing campaigns, but the way some companies seek to engage people, and capture their imaginations, interests me. There’s so much creativity out there.

So I’ve talked about Nova Scotia’s Pomemgrante Phone, and Tourism Australia’s Baz Kuhrmann campaign, so now something closer to home – Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey.

I was pointed to its new ‘Saw’ microsite the other day by a colleague. The new attraction, based on the horror movie, is opening in spring next year.

From the outset it gets you hooked. There are some striking images, atmospheric screaming and it and captures the film’s look immeadiately. Note the hanging severed limbs on the blood-stained wall…

After clicking on the video screens, we’re shown a close-up, and a list of numbers, that when clicked on play out the story.

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It takes a fair bit of exploring, and a while to load up, but it is worth the wait. The use of video is clever. Adding narrative was also a good move, and whoever designed the microsite also managed to rope in Thorpe Park’s divisional director Peter Ronchetti.

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I like this blend of cinematic horror movie alongside footage of workmen during its construction. The microsite is also a bit of a tease, and not all links are complete yet, so i guess that’s designed to us eep coming back for more, as the story unfolds.

I think a longer movie in the same style as Tourism Australia’s ad would have worked too.

Anyway, here are some more screen grabs…

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