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Is Air Sylhet tapping into wave of City redundancies?

November 2, 2008

Again: Recession, what recession? Another new airline/route launch has come out of the blue, as reported in TTG here. In short, a group of British Bangladeshi ex-pats have set up Air Sylhet, to fly Stansted-Vienna/Dubai.

Well, obviously there is a recession taking place, and the jobs appear to be disappearing fast from certain investment banks in the City. But a result of this, I read in City AM last week (sorry, can’t find the URL – that’s the problem with paper things) is that Dubai is welcoming these bankers with open arms.

While Dubai has one eye fixed on tourism, the finance sector is still going strong there.

Perhaps Air Sylhet is aiming to target the displaced staffers, catch them early on and earn their loyalty as they commute back and forth. While it’s not a London City departure, it seems the prices may be lower.

Kabir Khan, chairman of Air Sylhet, said it was not competign with low-frills airlines, but ot would offer value for money.

Postscript: Bizarrely, a website claiming to be the airline has this: “Air Sylhet statement on resignation of chairman coming soon…” (from

However, the more official looking makes no mention of this. What’s that all about?

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