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Jeddah, where construction meets tourism

November 9, 2008

The Middle East continues its relentless push to draw more tourists. Not Dubai this time, but Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia.

Spotted this video on Building’s website recently, promoting a new regeneration project.

The plan is to rejuvenate both the historic and waterfront areas of Jeddah. The counry is keen to ensure the older buildings are kept, and enhanced, not demolished for plush new hotels or offices.

It’s a really slick, engaging website. A funky soundtrack, and within there’s use of cut-outs, architectural models, video, and maps, which successfully bring the idea to life. The video, according to Building magazine, was created by 3D visualisers squint/opera.

Unsure which 5-star hotels are signed up for this, but it’s an attractive piece of marketing. There’s also the ‘Jeddah Eye’ on its way.

As the economic situation gets worse in the UK, bar recent interest rate cuts, I’ve already highlighted the fact that the Middle East could be set for absorbing redundant city workers. Air Sylhet could be tapping into this with its new airline.

With construction levels falling in the UK, eyes again are looking to the East. Hopefully this type of project is good news for UK construction experts, who may be called upon to get involved, as with Dubai.

As the Middle East continues with its bid to draw tourists, let’s hope that the airlines will keep prices down, long term, and that UK tourists will actually be able to fly over to see these ambitious tourism projects and enjoy them.

By the way, this was my first time using vimeo (the code is simple just do: square brackets then ‘vimeo 123456’ (or whatever the vimeo number is). Nicer than YouTube.

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