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Aldi and Armani – two new players enter the travel industry

November 16, 2008


Both begin with A, but that’s where the similarities end concerning the two latest mega-brands breaking into the travel industry…

Aldi has signed a deal with On Holiday Group to package the holidays (news here from Travel Trade Gazette), while Georgio Armani is to open a series of villas with the help of developer Emaar (Armani Residences) in the Marassi resort in Egypt. There’s another planned for Dubai, with 160 rooms and suites, and again being developed in collaboration with Emaar.


Are these developments simply a sign of the times? We hear in the media that only those companies in the budget or luxury sectors will suffer less during the recession (even more so in travel?).

But what also counts is brand recognition, and I think these extremely famous names could prove a hit. Their images are in complete contrast, but their loyal followers have faith in the brands. And in these uncertain times, travellers may also feel more confident booking with a recognised name.

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