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10 reasons why I love Eurostar

December 29, 2008
The view from where I'm writing this post

The view from where I'm writing this post

So I’m plugged in, sitting comfortably, and waiting for my Eurostar train (the 17.35 if you’re interested).

What’s nice about the international station aspect of St Pancras, apart from the fact that it generally means you’re off somewhere, is the departure lounge.

Just discovered it has free wi-fi too, so here’s a quick post on the top 10 reasons why I love Eurostar – despite the fact they wouldn’t let me on an earlier train…

1. The Speed. What is it now? Two hours, 25 mins to Paris. Can’t beat it. Don’t even think about the coach, it takes ages. And flying still means you land at CDG, or worse, Beauvais.

2. The Falcon. Yes, they use a bird of prey for pigeon control. It’s how it should be.

3. The Sofas. In the waiting lounge you have these nice comfy brown sofas.

4. Check-in/Security. This took all of three minutes.

5. St Pancras. Major building projects in the UK were getting notoriously later and later (see Wembley), but relocating Eurostar from Waterloo to Kings Cross was on time. A boost for the UK’s reputation.

6. Carbon Neutral. Eurostar offsets the carbon emissions of each journey.

7. The Price. For the moment, it’s cheaper than flying, especially when you factor in the train to the airports.

8. The Statue. The gigantic couple, mid-embrace, just by the clock on the platform. People either love it or hate it.

9. The brickwork. They kept a lot of the old walls in place, and arches, so there is a very English feel here.

10. The Hotel. So technically it’s not ready yet, but the station’s revamped hotel will be 5-star, and the facade will keep the red brickwork look.

So obviously this isn’t the most thorough of lists, but there’s a lot going for Eurostar at the moment – especially with the huge influx of French into the UK at the moment, taking advantage of the exchange rate.

If you love Eurostar, leave a comment! Meanwhile, I’ll be in Paris until the 4th January, so the following posts may have a French theme to them…

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