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A review: My most popular posts of 2008

January 1, 2009

Will aim for more reviews of 2008, in particular about travel, but for now here’s some blatant self promotion: a look at my most-read posts, from this blog, so far.

The beauty of WordPress is the stats function. It’s a useful tool to see how your blog is being found on the internet, and how many hits each post receives, which in theory should help craft topics to write about.

It also gives me the chance to unveil the most popular posts of 2008 (well, September – December 2008). So here are the top 10, with brief explanations for the top 5…

1.The Pomegranate Phone, part 2
This post was about a great viral marketing campaign (see below).

It was the follow-up to my second-most popular blog…

2. New York video vs. Nova Scotia – creative uses of a mobile phone
So during this time I obviously had a bit of a fascination with mobile phones. But I love the video (see below), and I still want to try this myself…

3. The travel industry and Twitter, part 2
An investigation into the travel industry and social media

4. ‘Project James’ – Jonathan Hinkles has a rescue mission with new airline
About the former boss of Zoom Airlines and his plan for a new airline, which unfortunately has fallen through (read Hinkles pulls ‘Project James’ venture)

5. Zoom Airlines UK boss Jonathan Hinkles TTG interview: A wordle
One of many wordles (graphical representations of text), taken from an interview that appeared in Travel Trade Gazette: Zoom boss rues chance to clinch deal

6. Who am I?

7. Impressive Saw flash microsite from Thorpe Park

8. Why aren’t UK travel companies using Twitter

9. In quotes: Travel Blog Camp

10. Ryanair long-haul flights – what role for travel agents?


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