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Another review: media predictions for 2009

January 2, 2009


Have just been reading an insightful guide into the future of news design, on SND Update, a journalism news website.

Although my blog aims to focus on the travel industry, occasionally something like this will creep in.

Some really interesting comments, from across the media industry. A lot to take in, so here I’ve just highlighted various quotes that caught my eye. (Again, thanks to @BenLaMothe, via @journalismnews, for the link).

  • 2009 will require both fearless journalism and fearless presentation as we need to continue to explore and experiment with new ways to engage the mainstream on today’s terms
  • In 2009 newspapers will pay more attention to enhance their weekend/Sunday editions
  • The most effective information designers will be engaged in unique reporting, focused writing and tight concept editing.
  • Web rewards linking – the more you send people away to great content, the more they return
  • Unholy alliances between competitors will become commonplace.
  • I expect to see the web influence print news design (more and more every year)
  • In 2009, journalists will start to see incubation of new media companies from journalism schools.
  • Editorial creative directors will get involved in ad campaigns to deliver both editorial and publicity contents to a right target without damaging the integrity of the brand
  • 2009 will be the year: When big companies will buy smaller ones – just to survive.

The article can be read in full here: Next for news design? Predictions for 2009

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