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‘Evil’ and ‘Ryanair’ – two words that stand out for 2008

January 8, 2009


A quick peek then at the most popular headlines of 2008 – according to, the website of Travel Trade Gazette.

The stats are back – and as expected it’s the company collapses and everyone’s favourite no-frills airline that dominates the list.

Ryanair makes two entries – number one for calling travel agents “evil”, and a second time for its scare tactics. These are both related to the fact it didn’t want agents to use “screen scraper” technology to package up holidays using its flights (and making a profit on them).

Incidentally, came across this great blog post, listing some of Michael O’Leary’s best quotes yet.

There are also collapses: XL Leisure Group, Bluebookonline and Zoom Airlines. There are also bombs, celebrities and rumours.

Read the list in full here: The most popular ttglive stories in 2008, or if you are too lazy to do that, you can keep reading this post…

By the way, my own top 10 (not as dramatic) posts can be read here: My most popular posts of 2008

And check out TTG competitor Travel Weekly’s top 10 of 2008 here.

1 Ryanair cancels bookings by ‘evil’ agents

2 New Kiss boss Moss quashes Wyatt rumours

3 Bomb attacks in Spanish resorts

4 Scramble for seats to follow XL’s ‘brutal’ cuts

5 XL collapse hits 285,000 customers

6 Bombs hit tourists in Malaga

7 Ryanair ‘scare tactic’

8 Celebrities operate airline for reality TV show

9 Bluebookonline bed bank goes bust

10 Zoom boss plans start-up airline


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