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Island reef job: More on Tourism Queensland’s best job in the world campaign

January 14, 2009
The only screengrab I could get - still very slow

Actually, forget the “best job in the world” part – this is potentially “the best PR job in the world”.

500,000 hits in two days, 350 applicants (including one from the Vatican City) and ongoing media coverage. If you didn’t know where Hamilton Island was before, then you do know.

I talked to Jane Nicholson, the tourist board’s UK regional director, this afternoon for a news piece for Travel Trade Gazette.

She seemed genuinely surprised by the success.

And the people who set up the website must have also been taken by surprise. Jane told me they’d spent all night trying to fix it – and that applicants should keep trying when trying to upload their videos.

Talking of videos – here are a few of the applicants:

The website crashed recently under the weight of all those people dreaming about a new life – but should be up and running again.

Anyway, there are several reasons why I think it works so well (adapted from my earlier post)

  • It’s Monday morning. It’s still dark as you leave for work. It’s raining and it’s cold. What more could tap into your physche than opening up a newspaper and seeing this “dream job”. I think this translated into the web hits – later on in the day you google the job vacancy, and have a look at who’s applied
  • The use of the word “blog” in the job description. Clever. This was one surefire way to get a lot of bloggers covering it – as well as tech bible Tech Crunch
  • The use of video voting. You’re limited to a 60-second video of yourself, with the public to vote. This word of mouth style marketing is also clever.

For more detailed analyses of the actual stats, have a look at this post on the subject.

XCOM Media is working on the campaign’s social media, email marketing, campaign management, database management and integration.

Ad agency Cummins Nitro set up the website, hosting and application processing.

And for Wordle fans out there – here’s one of the advertised job vacancy. A Wordle is a graphical representation of the most popular words in a given piece of text – and there are some more here:

‘Realigning the skies’ – TTG Business analysis: A wordle
Birmingham airport boss TTG interview: A wordle
Virgin Atlantic CEO Steve Ridgway TTG interview: A wordle
A Wordle: CNN’s Business Traveller – Airlines respond to financial crisis
BA UK sales boss Adam Daniels TTG interview: A wordle)


Would also be interested to hear what you thought of the campaign – did it work for you?


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