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Fair Fares: How the online community can help save the Caribbean

January 22, 2009


Strictly speaking, it’s the Caribbean, Kenya and Egypt – and to be more precise it’s how we can help those destinations that rely on tourism to survive.

So anyone reading this who is involved with the tourism industry, or flies to these regions, should please read on…

So what is the APD?

The UK has something called Air Passenger Duty. It’s a tax that each person pays to fly, and is currently based on distance.

From November 1, 2009 it is set to rise (again – it already doubled last year). But this further increase will be based on where that country is, not technically how far it is from the UK. Oh, and the UK government will increase APD again in 2010.

How much does the APD cost?

As a result, flying to the Caribbean, Kenya or Egypt will become a lot more expensive – From November 1, 2009, we’re talking 600 pounds in APD tax alone for a family of four to fly to the Caribbean.

So this staggering amount does not incude the cost of the flight, other airport taxes, the hotel costs…

Therefore, less people flying to destinations where communities rely on tourism, less money, and people lose their jobs.

Job losses would also spread in the UK, as fewer holidays sold means cuts would have to be made – from agencies, to operators, to airlines, and so on.

There’s been little evidence the government is putting aside directly the money it earns from APD into initiatives to offset carbon emmissions. Yet this is its reasoning behind this punitive tax.

What you – just by reading this blog – can do to take action

Downing St petition website

Travel Trade Gazette, the publication I work for, has launched a campaign called Fair Fares to try and stop these changes being made to APD – and it will take you literally 10 seconds to sign this petition so we can get the message across.

This is the link:

If you think your followers on Twitter would be interested in this post, please retweet

You can read about the background in more detail here:
APD hike would hurt Caribbean tourism

And for more details about the Travel Gives Back campaign, it’s all on this page:

More viewing – from


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