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Boycotts and escapsim – contrasting thoughts from Lyn Hughes

January 25, 2009

Been hearing a lot about Lyn Hughes, editor and founder of Wanderlust magazine, since my recent post: Wanderlust founder on pros and cons of travel blogging

She’s since made an interesting point that agents actively selling “responisble” holidays could, perversely, be putting potential clients off, as the guilt trip might set in. Clients may think: Should I be flying at all, then?

Instead, she argues the “responsible” tourism aspect should be used as an extra selling point, and that escapism should come first when selling a holiday. You can read the news article here: Responsible trips ‘tough sell’ – Wanderlust

Prior to this, she again made the news boycotting tourism to certain destinations, such as Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, Zanzibar and Venice. Full article here: Travel mag urges Sharm el Sheikh boycott

She also says: “Tourism can be a double-edged sword for destinations, especially in developing countries…” This is true, but there’s defintely a shift at the moment towards looking after communities.

I saw this first hand in Barbados last month, and there’s currently a lot of support from the larger tourism organisations for TTG’s current campaign.

But tourism is drastically changing for the better – in terms of the environment (fuel efficient Airbus A380s, hotels going green etc), and in terms of sustainability and community building.

But whichever you look at it, destination marketing can be tough, it seems.

Other posts on tourism marketing I’ve written include:
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