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Sean Connery in Homecoming Scotland 2009

January 25, 2009

Have been seeing a lot of this man on the television today.

Sean Connery screengrab from VisitScotland video

Now, if you want to see him singing (think carefully about this) then you can do so below.

So, what’s this all about?

This is a promotional video from VisitScotland, for Homecoming Scotland 2009. The minute-long homage to Scotland was actually covered in the press on Decmeber 1, 2008, but I must have missed it back then…

But now it’s doing the rounds as today is the 250th anniversary of Robet Burns’ birth, and January is offcially the month of tourism campaigns, and TV adverts – both Tui Travel and Thomas Cook, the UK’s biggest travel companies, have been fairly aggressive so far with their campaigns.

So far, Scotland’s appeal to potential tourists seems to be getting mixed reviews. For me? The jury’s still out…


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