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Activities Abroad and Travel Republic join chav bandwagon

January 29, 2009
TTG news frontpage

Picture taken from news page

Chavs are getting a raw deal at the moment, but travel agents are milking the publicity…

Activities Abroad emails 24,000 people to say its holidays are “chav free” – a clear reference to the recent P&O Cruises’ incident, which saw guests set fire to the ship, boo the captain and start fights.

To be fair, boss Alistair Mclean has entered the debate whole-heartedley (read his views on the current class system over at the A Different Voice blog), despite receiving threatening calls according to Travel Weekly.

Online travel agent Travel Republic goes the opposite way: it wants chavs to book holidays so much, that by typing in “DAZZA” into the promotional code box, you’ll get 10% off (yes, you must have one of the “chav” names listed by Activities Abroad).

An earlier story, written by ttgbusiness reporter Martin Ferguson (@travel_hack on Twitter) in October 2007, looked at the undeserved label of “Chav Air” for Ryanair.

So that’s aviation, cruise, and activity holidays covered… all we need now are Chav transfers and that’s the travel industry covered.

But again, this shows the travel industry, rightly or wrongly, prepared to take risks. Which travel firm will be next to cash in?

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  1. January 30, 2009 2:30 pm

    Did you read the approving comments on A Different Voice? A few people jumped in to support McLean, claiming they’re going to go straight to AcAb next time they book a holiday. The negative pubilicity may have won them a conservative customer for every liberal one they lost.

    Wouldn’t it be nice if AcAb’s community of interest moved beyond outdoor activities and into political views… cough.

    It’s good that McLean responded, but the extent to which he exposed his personal views was breathtaking – you wouldn’t catch anyone doing that on Today, would you?

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