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Please fasten your seatbelts, it’s Hammer Time!

February 18, 2009


I knew there was a reason for discovering MC Hammer on Twitter (I expressed my joy last night).

Now before you say : “Not another blog on Twitter!” this does have some relevance to travel, as we’re going to follow Hammer as he prepares for his Virgin America flight…

Step 1

It still pays to be a celebrity. I’m assuming by this tweet he got an upgrade.


Step 2

The journey. He’s eager to get there, but I’m not sure about the 1950 reference.


Step 3

Boarding. A few concerns raised here.


Step 4

This one is more self explanatory.


Now this is unfortunately where we leave the story. At time of writing he’s still in the air, and tweeted once – but nothing related to flight.

Now – I’m sure airlines are missing a trick here. They’re probably the most advanced, in the travel industry, when it comes to Twitter. Look at JetBlue for example, with its 55,153 followers.

The Hammer himself is a popular man (83,875 followers), so surely some kind of airline/celebrity tie-up would work wonders, and be a bit of fun.

Hammer also makes a surprise appearance on a recent blog post by BBC journalist Dave Lee.

He takes what is in fact a serious look at Twitter here: Not convinced? 10 things to change your mind about Twitter and manages to crowbar MC Hammer into number 10 – it’s a good read.


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