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Travel industry on Twitter – update

April 11, 2009


A couple of weeks ago at Travel Trade Gazette (the publication I work for), we released a database of travel companies that are using Twitter.

The feedback has been great on this blog, and it proved a popular item on

Hopefully it will help TTG’s readers and the travel industry in general join the dots between companies’ websites, and their more personal presence via Twitter, or even company blogs. Including travel bloggers and writers may also help bridge the gap too, allowing agents to see who’s writing on which website.

In terms of how far it’s spread, the UK is the most popular, then USA, then Candaa – then most European countries, followed by ’44 other countries’. With a paper product, this is just simply something you can’t do.

This list has been trackable using – a useful website for web campaigns etc. Think of it like Google Analytics for shortened URLs. For some reason, Google Analytics does not actually let you tracks stats for a “published” Google Doc.

Suggestions sent to me so far have included new categories such as travel organisations, travel guides, and an inspirational section, so thanks for your feedback – and ReTweets etc.

Twitter may just be a passing fad, but for now it’s proving to be an extremely useful tool (I still like the term ‘Human RSS’) and in true collaborative style, I’m open to yet more ideas for the list. I’m thinking facebook pages, Skype addresses and more…

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