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More digitalness from Down Under, and are blogs the new MySpace?

May 5, 2009


What is it with the Aussies? Not content with invading large areas of west London, and backpacking across every corner of the globe, they now rule the internet.

Two things in this post then – updates from Tourism Australia and Tourism Queensland.

Tourism Queensland
I’ll kick off with Tourism Queensland, as they are currently winding down their amazing “Island Reef Job” campaign, aimed at getting Hamilton well and truly embedded in the international traveller’s mind. It worked, with 500,000 hits in two days.

I followed Chris Chambers, Tourism Queensland’s digital director of marketing, and digital agency XComm Media on Twitter, and it was interesting to see the campaign grow, engage with them, as well as chat to Tourism Queensland’s Jane Nicholson with their help, writing some news for, under the non-racist headline of Strewth! Queensland job ad is web wonder.

Now the website struggled at first, but then did well to cope with the massive interest. The result? Well, see for yourself here, but in short 16 applicants are on the island to be interviewed…

Tourism Australia
A different tack here, and a new campaign targeting the gap-year sector. The tourist board has cleverly designed a blog widget to spread the word, to link back to its fairly impressive MySpace homepage.

The widget unfortunately doesn’t work with WordPress-hosted blogs (such as this one), but self-hosted blogs may work.

Bit of a hiccup in spreading the word, but an interesting idea in marketing.

Anyway, the agency behind the widget is DMB Pulse, and seeing as I can’t get the widget working – you may want to try yourself if you have a travel website. I’m going to check if I can share the code or not…

I’ve also blogged about Tourism Australia before, and enjoyed their Baz Luhrmann-directed campaign – a complete move away from “Where the Bloody Hell are you?”.

So both tourism organisations really seem to be pushing the boundaries at the moment, and investing heavily in new ways to communicate their message. They both also know their market, and it’s a classic case of going where the right audience is… YouTube, MySpace – and now interestingly blogs, via the widget, so this could mark a new approach in marketing…

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