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Why every company should get digital, just once in a while

May 5, 2009


Would seem rude not to blog about my day today (April 30 really), considering the topic of the day was digital strategies.

The company I work for, UBM, which TTG belongs to, held a “Digital Achievement Day’’.

Now obviously I can’t mention everything that was discussed, although you may have garnered a bit from my tweets/twitpics throughout the day (or by looking at #ubmdad)

It was a day full of presentations, which in turn generated a lot of debate about travel and the web.

My area to discuss was social media – which is vast, ever changing and splits people down the line. Generally speaking, people love it or hate it.

But what’s great about getting a whole team together (TTG is vast, by the way) is that a lot of topics get brought into the open, and people can get things off their chests.

Twitter for example. I’m a big fan, and think as journalist it’s a brilliant tool, and from a travel industry angle it has the potential to be a brilliant tool. After all, that’s why I started my Travel/Twitter list. I’d be interested to hear your view – do you use twitter?

Hash tags too – do they work? Do people actually want to follow events (or conferences) live, as they happen, unfolding on their computer screen. Or wait for a write-up, or email alert. Personally I like following things live, and I think that’s the way reporting is evolving…

Blogging – who reads blogs? Do industry execs/CEO/MDs etc read blogs? Do travel agents read blogs? Is it just bloggers who read blogs. What’s the point in them? Obviously I’m a fan of blogging. For news, I think posts are great, and no matter what company or sector you work in, blogs are an important platform to get your message across. None more so than travel, in my opinion.

Another outcome from the day was exposure to colleagues within UBM – plenty of new people to add to my Twitter roll. @claudiahathway who works for CCF (a call centre magazine) explained an interesting Twitter campaign. Dan Pierce from the Publican too – who wouldn’t want to tweet about pubs?! And a chat with Rob Enslin about wireframes (which I thought were about bikes), writing on your hand, and website design.

So in your organisation, a digital day is definitely worth having. Get things off your chest, learn things, generate new ideas and gain contacts.

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  1. May 6, 2009 5:39 am

    I used to work on Publican, back when it was owned by Quantum.

    Writing about pubs was sometimes better than it sounds, but often far duller…

    Wet/dry splits are not exciting. 🙂

    • matthewparsons permalink*
      May 12, 2009 8:33 am

      Fair point! I guess I’m only tweeting about pubs from a consumer point of view… It’s usually the beer tweeting too.


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