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Newton’s laws of motion has finally arrived at Twitter!

June 4, 2009


Newton’s laws of motion has finally arrived at Twitter! To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction – and now we have easyjetsucks, the antithesis to easyjetcare.

While going through our web stats for, I came across easyjetsucks as one of our referrers to a news story. I guess all traffic to our website is a good thing, regardless of where it comes from, but let’s take a closer look at this…

What is easyjetsucks?
This Twitter account asks us to post or @ your negative easyJet experiences here! Now it’s a step up from the previous abusive Ryanaironline and cleverly uses a hash tag to generate anti-easyJet sentiment (see #easyjetsucks).

I think this is slightly unfair. With no-frills airlines, we know the drill. You get what you pay for. And in terms of social media and customer relations, I think what Paul Hopkins has done with the easyjetcare should be applauded.

I first came across this last month, had barely mentioned easyJet when I got a reply. It wasn’t even a complaint I was making. So far he’s into 1,216 updates, and seems pretty direct with people, offers an email and even tells you which flight he’s on next.

The verdict
Early days yet, but I think Twitter will have this account shut down within weeks. Although some might say any publicity is good publicity, this is just another case of online abuse and gives social media a bad name.

I might be a little extreme here, but let me know in a comment if you think accounts like this actually add anything. Is anonymous blogging/Twittering of any use?

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