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Post-Abta election, will the social media continue?

June 10, 2009


So the race to become Abta chairman has ended, with Advantage’s chief executive John McEwan winning by 54% against Daniele Broccoli’s 46% (with 40% of the Abta membership voting).

A previous post of mine looked at the role social media might play in the election battle. By the looks of it, not a major role at all, but what happened in the run-up, and as the results were discovered, was certainly a flurry of activity: email alerts, Twitter posts, industry reaction and of course reactions from McEwan and Broccoli themselves among others.

Currently the industry is in a bit of state concerning financial protection, so the main focus now is how a new Abta president can solve this problem, at a time when politicians also have their own problems.

But did social media, or new media, new applications etc play any role in the election build-up? Obviously it was dabbled with (see the above screengrab), but will it be now flung aside, or can it be used and developed, post-experimentation, as an effective communication tool in the travel industry.

We saw how popular TravelRants proved in absorbing a lot of the confusion surrounding the collapse of Freedom Direct Travel. It received 528 comments.

Can YouTube be used by a key industry player to spell out how Atol protection works? Could Twitter be used to help answer travel questions – ABTA magazine is already fairly active on Twitter… be great if the ball is kept rolling.

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