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How to blag a Virgin Atlantic upgrade, and other Twitter questions

June 17, 2009


Quite enjoyed the results following my last post on using social media to quiz people.

Actually, the post said “TTG uses Twitter…” but that’s not strictly true – there were questions by email, and from TTG journalists. But my favourite questions from Twitter were…

1. I ONLY fly Virgin. July 20 LHR – JFK will be sentimental. was gonna dress smart @ chek in for an upgrade. any pointers? (click to see who asked this)

2. Will you be one of the test passengers for the first Virgin Galactic flight? (click to see who asked this)

3. When are u going 2 update Gatwick fleet? Its like charter; Prem Econ looks knackered, seatback TV cr*p, needs AVOD. (click to see who asked this)

You can read the Q&A in full here.

The landing page on for the guest editor was impressive too – live Twitter stream for the #asksteve hash tag, and a FlickR gallery.


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