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Twitter: Kings of the gipsies

June 21, 2009


Not much of a travel link here – unless you consider the fact gipsies are known for their travelling – but this Daily Mail poll caught my eye on Friday.

On Twitter (yes, another Twitter post!), I noticed the trend “Worst Daily Mail poll ever” so had a look. The poll (pictured above) was asking “Should the NHS allow gipsies to jump the queue?”. Not even Private Eye could have made this one up.

However, the Twitter community was asking everyone to vote yes to skew the result. As a result, the Daily Mail pulled the poll – and all links now go their debate homepage.

Is Twitter the new guardian of the web – if there’s enough brute force (hopefully logical), then perhaps no website is safe. Also perhaps the end to absurd polls like this.

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Also, this is covered in more detail at

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