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A few thoughts on the first Travel tweet-up

July 3, 2009


Thoroughly enjoyed last night’s first ever “Travel tweet-up”. I’ve written about the event in detail over on, but will expand a bit here on what else went on.

First, it was great to meet the faces behind the names. Several people commented that it was like internet dating, but whatever it’s like, it’s certainly an unusual but exciting experience, and it’s fun weighing up how you perceive people will turn out.

A great bunch of people turned up, and you could tell there was a real passion for travel there.

It wasn’t even that techie – we started off talking about mobile phones though, and which application to use.

Then some of the Twitter pros (I take my hat off to @lewisshields and @KCKiwiGirl from Flagship Consulting here) shared a few of their tips and tricks. We chatted about the Mumbai attacks, crisis management, drunk tweeting (not a good thing) and fam trip nightmares – sparked off in part by Travel Rants’ call to ban them earlier this year.

In fact, some of the fam strip stories were amazing, and it’s funny what comes out after a few drinks. And all of it way over 140 characters…

Also blogging came up – some seemed to think bloggers can write what they want, and were shocked by the recent Travel Rants/DiaiAFlight affair. But blogging isn’t a licence to write anything.

There was talk too of how Twitter is great to talk directly to consumers, share special offers, respond to negative feedback. Universal praise for this aspect.

A good discussion was had about the effect of Twitter on the human brain, and short-term memory, which followed on from Guardian journalist Benji Lanyado’s recent post on the subject: Twitter as tapas, and Twitter as the blog killer

“Newspapers can be tough when you’re Twittering all day,” someone said, but I’ve forgotten who.

Overall, a lot of food for thought and some great ideas mulled for a next, bigger-and-better Travel tweet-up. The highlight, however, must have been the appearance of Peter Andre towards the end of the night. It certainly made @KCKiwiGirl‘s night – she had interviewed him in New Zealand in 1995.

To find out more about the Travel tweet-up, try a Twitter search for #travtweetup, and watch this space for news about the next one… we may even be able to get Katie to attend.

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  1. July 6, 2009 8:27 pm

    Matt, I’ll tell you how good Twitter is for travel consumer questions and information when I have finished my twitter experiment. First day results aren’t good, simply companies do not track what’s been said.

    Hopefully that’ll improve as the week goes on.


  2. robenslin permalink
    July 16, 2009 10:53 am

    There’s something uniquely special about meeting up with your followers. Perhaps it’s our human intrigue and curiosity that’s appeals?


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