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Cracks in the paywall

August 11, 2009

You leave these fair shores for a few days to get married (more of that later), and the whole internet landscape changes… Murdoch to charge for content by next summer. Wow.

First reaction – I can’t believe how much has been written about it. I’ve tagged a few of the articles I enjoyed (for free, for now). Where to start though, it’s a profound announcement. Best to stick with Charlie Brooker’s idea to use virtual gold coins.

Second reaction, it won’t work. That’s a year away. In interweb years (like dog years), that’s a long, long way away. People will switch to the BBC website, or a million other news websites that will have popped up by then, following this announcement.

Or people will rely more on bloggers for analysis, or RSS feeds for various streams of their favourite free news. Or just search a key word…

Which brings me on to Facebook’s acquisition of Friendfeed. This has been tipped as a clever move, as it has one eye on live search.

Things move quickly. A few days before and it was all about Spotify/iPhones. Listening without buying, reading without buying. Maybe apps where it’s at after all and not such a silly idea?

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  1. November 17, 2009 2:45 pm

    I cant see anyone paying for content/news – not when there are so many others reporting the same news for free. Unless its exclusive content of course. However, even when it is exclusive that news will probably become syndicated after a period of time for free (as with all old news)…so what’s the point?


  1. Stalemate, again. Hands up if you pay for news? «

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