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Obligatory wedding blog post: travel highlights

August 12, 2009

Before you panic, I’m not going to write about my wedding. A lot of people do, I believe, with photos and everything. But seeing as this is a travel blog, and I’ve neglected it for a while now, here are some random thoughts about travel in France (where I got married. Have I mentioned that yet?).

  • It’s tough getting a taxi in France on a Sunday in August. Most of the taxi-driving population seems to be on holiday. I was not aware of this.
  • In general, you need to book taxis from a French mobile phone. They don’t trust English people with their phones. I was not aware of this either.
  • I’d like to apologise to those guests who nearly died from heat exhaustion in the coach we’d arranged. Someone described it as a tin box with no air conditioning.
  • Favourite car picture  – a friend who drove to the wedding in a very unusual BMW (below).Car
  • I tried to thank people who had travelled a long way in my speech, but my mind went blank when it came to listing countries. I said the first country that came into my head: China. That was it. In one fell swoop I insulted those who had travelled far – especially the couple who had flown from Tokyo, just for the wedding. No-one had come from China.
  • Also in my speech, I couldn’t resist a dig at Ryanair in front of over a 100 people. I thanked everyone for coming who had to use Ryanair, adding it was never a nice experience, and is in fact getting worse.
  • I did not talk about how marriage was like a journey etc. Wish I had included this. It’s a nice and cheesy line.
  • Tours, in France, has a beautiful train station (below)tours_station

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