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Acacia plans Madagascar “tweet-up” on Twitter

August 17, 2009


Madagascar always grabs my attention. I enjoyed Stephen Fry’s recent travels there, and I was also fortunate enough to spend two months backpacking there a while ago, and I loved the place.

So I was interested in a press release (forwarded to me by colleague @philippajacks) from operator Acacia Adventure Holidays, combining the world’s fourth largest island and social media.

The press release states: “Acacia Adventure Holidays Launches Madagascar “Tweet Up” This Friday 21 August… The tweet up will run from 10am to midday (BST). Questions can be forwarded to in advance or highlighted on the twitter page on Friday 21 August.”

Apart from a technical question – is this really a “tweet-up”?  – it’s a nice idea, and uses social media to good effect, both promoting a destination in its own right and offering agent training.

Acacia Adventure Holidays also promotes a blog on their homepage, as well as their Twitter page (pictured below).


Looks like blogging is a growing trend over there too, according to the BBC.

Oh, and talking of tweet-ups, there’s going to be another on Thursday 27th. More details to follow, but as usual it’s a free for all, a great opportunity to network, share ideas, make new contacts, discuss campaigns, techniques, and allows people to put faces to the online personas we use, etc etc

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