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Travel take note: Online, nothing goes unheard

August 20, 2009

Two cases to report on where I’ve been amazed at just how much brands are monitoring themselves within social media: Telnic and Wanderlisting.

I came across Telnic via an online conversation with Cheapflights’ Jemima Garthwaite, and her online business card (if it can be called that) at

I’d never seen this .tel before, so went to the Telnic website, and bookmarked it to remind myself to check it out and create my own…

The next day I receive an email from communication director Justin Hayward, who’d noticed the links for the day on my blog. He’d written to ask how I came across Telnic, and what my thoughts were?

A few emails later, and Telnic have generously set me up with my own website – – to check out. It’s not completed yet, but it’s something I’m going to explore as it looks useful, and has a no-fuss design. 



Wanderlisting is a Twitter-based website, created by Sawhorse Media, that streams travel-related tweets. I registered for it, but then found myself under the Photographs section.

A similar story – within hours I receive an email from Erin Paull, Wanderlisting editor, who writes: “I saw that you were confused about your classification under Photographs on and am happy to make that change in our database to remove that category from your classifications…”

How do they do it?
I’ve talked about this before, but you do wonder about the resources. Is someone constantly checking on their company name with applications like Addictomatic (whose tag “inhale the web” does insinuate the addictive nature of social media), Seesmic, or even Twitter search? If so, how often. And how do you judge when a response is needed.

Is this how social media works?
Maybe I’m easily impressed, but these two cases highlight social media in practice, and that’s good practice in terms of customer relations, PR and marketing – all rolled into one.

Maybe these lightening responses are because the companies involved all revolve around the internet – but surely this monitoring should apply to any brand?  It must take time, but the rewards are worth it I think. Travel companies take note…

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