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How to get your digital fix of the TTG Travel Awards

September 22, 2009


Off shortly to our annual awards ceremony. It’s a huge event, and even as I’m writing this now there’s a real buzz in the office as everyone prepares for it.

So – I’m just writing this post quickly to say I’ll attempt to take a few pictures as the evening unfolds, snap a few winners and try and give you an overall impression of the night – follow me on Twitter here. I say attempt as the Grosvenor Hotel isn’t the best place for a mobile phone signal, but we’ll see how things go.

Continuing with Twitter, there will be quite a few people there tonight who use Twitter for their business, so for different takes on the night, why not take a look at these people to see how they get on, and I’m sure they’ll be tweeting if they win an award:

…and probably a lot more (sorry if I’ve missed anyone out).

Meanwhile – tomorrow you’ll be able to get all the news, pictures and gossip on

Also, you can sign up for email alerts here if you prefer things sent to your inbox.

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