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Advert: Why invest in Panama real estate?

October 3, 2009

Any book, advisor, guru, or novice investor will advise you to maintain a diversified portfolio.  Of course most folks do not adhere to that advice.  Typically, investors chase trends in the market place.  When it comes to the real estate component of your portfolio maintaining balance of your holdings is prudent as well.

Recently the trend to chase is Florida Condos and real estate.  The gurus and the novice alike are searching for the perfect deal.  They shout from the mountaintop, buy in the USA!  Why would you buy in the international market when you can buy condos in sunny Florida for $30,000?

On the surface this train of thought sounds like logical reasoning.  However, there are two reasons to not limit your investment dollars to one market.  Of course the reason stated earlier the big “D”, diversification and secondly, the fine print!

When it comes to Florida and the USA marketplace, there are several things to watch for.  The cost of living will increase, taxes will increase, homeowners association fees, and the homeowner association rules.  For instance many of the condos for sale today have provisions such as, 55 and over, and owner occupancy, i.e. no rentals for 12 to 24 months.  The market is flooded so do not even consider a quick flip of the property! Panama property is much more flexible.

Why choose Panama as anInternational investment for your portfolio?  First, is the fact that Panama did not get caught up in the mortgage & banking crisis of the USA.  Panama maintained strict lending rules.  They have stuck to their standards of thirty percent deposits, the banks will not exceed 70% LTV.

Then there are the extended quality of life benefits for the end user of the property.  Low taxes, low cost of living, first world infrastructure, short distance to the US mainland, ease of immigration, low crime rate, friendly nature of the people and much, much more.

If you are an investor, diversify with property in Panama.  If you are retiring, get your bang for the buck and retire in Panama you will not regret it!

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