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A mini-review of

October 4, 2009


This being a blog about travel and new media, I’m contractually obliged to write about Tnooz, the new travel tech website headed up by former Travolution editor Kevin May.

Contributor Siew Hoon Yeoh sells the website short when she says in her intro that “competitors will probably have fun with it – ‘TNooz – news to make you snooze’, for example”.

I’m assuming most people reading this blog will have heard about it by now, especially as it’s been live for more than a couple of weeks now and had a large Twitter build-up, so I’m just going to share a few thoughts about it – (especially as website critic Alex Bainbridge has moved over to Tnooz, so won’t be reviewing it himself). Which brings me on to my first point…

Future model
Consolidation is the name of the game in the travel industry, and at first glance Tnooz looks like it has followed suit, gathering a lot of prominent bloggers and industry people into a single holding area. A UK version of Tips from the T-List?

We know the content will keep flowing as a result of this, and the news/analysis is already coming think and fast. Tnooz is reacting incredibly quickly, blogging fashion, so it’s a good website to keep checking for breaking news. And possibly the only website to react this quickly?

As an example, there have been fast reactions to GoogleWave, SideWiki and company collapses.

Style of writing
Back to blogging. Apart from the fact WordPress is a “Tnooz partner”, the style is very blog-like. Is this the way news websites are heading? A recent article (post?) states: The internet is ruining travel journalism.

I like this style. Grabbing headline, check. Guaranteed to cause controversy, check. It’s produced some good comments. Is it strictly “talking travel tech”?, I’m not sure, but it is relevant to the travel industry and is good reading, and ensures interaction; that is key for any media website. In a way it’s moving travel industry conversations that may have taken place on an individual’s blog into a new place.

Now, using the word “nodes” to describe your colleagues makes them sound like extensions of some kind of organism, but the concept is clever. Some I guess you could call foreign correspondents. But the international feel really broadens the horizon – you get interviews from France, a presence in Singapore, and a strong American angle via Denis Schaal and Stephen Joyce.

Since it’s launch, Tnooz has covered a great deal of news, offered analysis and maintained high editorial quality. It’s thrown its net far with its wide network of “nodes”, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they all fit into place in the future. News wise, will be interesting to see how the news agenda marries with the blogging style. I also think there could be a strong conference/event theme to emerge in the future.

Early days, but Tnooz has kicked off energetically with a good mix of tech news and blog-style articles, a broad roster of reporters – and no snoozing.

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  1. Kevin May permalink
    October 4, 2009 5:15 pm

    Hi matt

    thanks for the reasonably glowing review.

    I would only mention a few things:

    we are not a UK-based media brand. I run editorial from the UK, tech out of Montreal and commercial from the US. A truly worldwide business, espeically with our “nodes” dotted all over the place.

    Secondly, we are not a new Tips from the T-List. These sites are aggregating published content from bloggers, whereas our nodes are penning unique articles for Tnooz. This is something I feel very strongly about as there are to many aggregators already. The industry doesn’t need even more dilution of content and conversation.

    We have lots of things in the editorial and commercial pipe which will come on-stream in the coming weeks and months, some obvious that you wonder why the existing trade media hasn’t done it before.

    Nevertheless we are extremely excited by the soft- launch last week and the buzz we created pre and post launch.

    Never say social networks can’t be useful for brand building!

    Thanks, once again, for flagging up Tnooz on your blog and the positive review.

    Kevin May, editor and co-founder, Tnooz


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