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My digital catch up: what’s been happening in travel

October 4, 2009

As you can see from the various bookmarks (from Delicious) I’ve been throwing at you, there’s been little in the way of actual “posts”.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks at TTG Towers: we’ve been busy with the issue (catch up here); our Intelligence report (definitely worth getting your hands on, details here); and our excellent luxury magazine ttgluxury. And of course we had our annual awards ceremony.

So what’s been happening?

Obviously there’s been the launch of travel tech news website Tnooz. More of that later in a separate post, but I’ve been bookmarking some of the articles, such as interviews and application reviews, that I’ve found interesting. Controversial headlines and a blog feel, it’s quite refreshing to read. Not sure about the word “Nodes” though…

British Airways
Enjoyed the “live news” feel to BA’s new City-JFK premium route. In particular, the way @timestravel used the hashtag #bacity to collate all of the journalists’ tweets (and there were a few of them!) during the inaugural. My highlight has to be the fact that on the second day, with more journalists onboard, someone forgot the corkscrew. Brilliant. BA also decided to charge for seat allocation, which has annoyed a lot of people.

Google Wave
Google Wave stormed through the online travel community – some of us received the invite to test it, most of us didn’t (myself included). I knew I should have left a message, as even “Pretty please” worked for one person I know. However, as I’m still getting my head around other new Google ideasand SideWikibe nice to see what other people make of it (Tnooz found a travel-related video).

Travel Tweet-up, USA style
Definitely one to watch – Frommer’s (guide books) is launching a series of tweet-ups in the US, starting at San Fransisco, where’ I’d imagine at least 97% of locals use Twitter). So I obviously I had to show David Lytle (@DavityDave on Twitter), editorial director at, how it’s done in the UK. Have a look at the results via the hashtag #traveltweetup.

OK, so not “new media”, it’s a book, but I’m a big fan of Alain de Botton, who has published his week “in residence” at Heathrow – looking forward to reading this.

So, it’s been a very busy and industrious couple of weeks, but it’s not stopping.

The Abta Travel Convention takes place this week (TTG is media partner – check out the microsite here) and then World Travel Market kicks off a few weeks afterwards, but already there’s a lot of work going into this…


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