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Pantone 421C, or embracing the English weather

October 5, 2009


No need to adjust your screens – what you are seeing above is, in fact, a grey box. Or Pantone 421C to be exact, which was the only way I could illustrate this post.

The Abta Travel Convention is taking place this week, and for those of us left in the UK, let’s not get too depressed.

Although grey is the general colour we’ll see out of the window this week, there’s a lot going for it.

As Woody Allen points out when he films in England, for starters, it makes everything else stand out, and towns and cities more colourful.

And Autumn, from a London point view, is great because the tourists are leaving (sorry, not a very tourist-friendly remark for a travel blog).

The weather feels fresher, less polluted, and the landscape changes colour.

So, embrace the grey weather, and don’t worry about missing Barcelona. However, if you want to follow the action, here’s a few people to follow who are out there now: @LucyHuxley@LeeHayhurst, and Flagship Consulting’s @KCKiwiGirl, who’s already starting on her tan.

For more news and pictures, check out our Abta Travel Convention microsite.

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