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When social networking fails

October 10, 2009

“You need to go where the users already are” is a common phrase when talking about online marketing, distributing news, or general interaction.

But what happens if you want to physically move a group of people, and their conversations, into a purely online environment?

This was the challenge for Daniel Price, operations manager for a travel agency called Travel by Appointment, who I met recently at the round-table debate TTG held on social media.

Part of Daniel’s role in the Guild of Travel Management CompaniesTwenty/20 Group was to set up an area for agents to discuss industry issues.

But unfortunately, it didn’t quite work as TTG’s Martin Ferguson reported last week, and only two topics, with four comments, were generated.

Twenty/20 chose LinkedIn as their platform, to try and unite the various members.

Daniel said: “We  thought it was already a well-established platform for a number of companies and individuals within the business travel community.

“We really believed it would change the way some members interacted but sadly it never came to fruition.”

Would be interesting to find out how many people actually signed up to the group, and also how the various members use social media both in work and out of work.

LinkedIn is pretty established, a powerful application, and from what I hear is good for groups. What I’m not sure about is how suitable it is for general chat.

When we started the round-table debate on social media, the first thing our chair person Matt Rhodes asked was: “How do you use social media on a personal level, and how do you use it on a professional level?”

That’s a good way to start, in my books. Find the common ground.

Twenty/20 is going to stick with LinkedIn, and increase efforts to get members involved, so it will be interesting to see how Daniel gets on with a new push at getting everyone involved…

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