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Cynicism alert: Why Jack Dee may have a point

October 30, 2009


I agree with this man. Let me explain…

Really enjoyed the Jack Dee interview in the current issue of Shortlist, and this quote towards the end in particular: “Technology needs to slow down. In fact, no more inventions for a bit, by anyone… Stop bombarding me with these new f*cking ideas – you’re really f*cking with my head now.”

We’re all at it. Most travel companies have now embraced social media. Twitter is no longer a dirty word (even Heathrow is now at it), chief executives are writing decent blogs, and social networking is being used extensively across marketing and customer relations.

We’ve basically caught up with our American cousins. That’s great. But it looks like it could get silly, and we need to calm down, and not use technology just for the sake of it.

New applications are being thrown at us at an alarming rate. Most we can catch as they wizz by, but Google seems to be chucking new things at us every week. Yesterday I read it had broken into the Sat Nav market, massively denting share prices of TomTom and Garmin. Google scares me, but impresses me at the same time.

Only last week I scrambled at the chance for a Google Wave invite (thanks Rob). I still have no idea why. Now Twitter Lists is upon us.

There’s never a dull moment, so best to plough on I guess.


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