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WTM Travel Tweet-up: Five-point survival guide

November 8, 2009


Last-minute post on how to prepare yourself for the social media roller coaster that is the Travel Tweet-up…

1. Name tags
Please pick up a name tag of yourself when you arrive; gives the event an air of professionalism/suggests that some planning has gone into this.

2. Business cards
We’ll be having a prize draw, so don’t forget to leave us your business card. Up for grabs is a £100 voucher.

3. Interact
To get involved with the evening with photos, or filming, or tweeting – don’t forget the #travtweetup hash tag). Lewis and I would also like to hear your feedback, and ideas/themes for future events. Please leave a comment at the end of this post, if you feel inclined…

4. Talk to me
I have a Flip, and I’m not afraid to use it. During the last event, some people kindly allowed me to film them talking about who they were, what they did and how social media worked for their organsisation. You can see the video report here. So this time, seeing as there are lots of people from overseas, I thought it would be a good opportunity to record some more thoughts on social media in the travel industry. Does it differ from a UK perspective, are there different platforms we should be using? Sometimes it’s good to get a fresh perspective, and you’ll see the results on later in the week.

5. Finally…
The event starts at 7pm, with a free bar for early arrivals. The venue, Abacus, is located here. Any questions, please send myself (@matt_parsons), or Lewis Shields (@lewisshields) a note…

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