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Audience participation – nice quotes

November 9, 2009

Interesting quotes for you from internetevolution.comThe Audience Still Exists… If You Believe It

While many in the Web 2.0 industry believe there’s no longer a separation between creator and audience (we’re all content co-creators, we crowdsource the news…we all are the president, etc., etc.), no one here at Audience seems to be under that impression. Rather, the focus of today’s content is on how to maintain an audience — particularly a monetizable audience — in today’s digital world…

…Web figureheads like Michael Arrington and Robert Scoble who make the audience believe they are “collaborators” while still maintaining authority.

What’s interesting is that this high-tech conference has banned technology, forcing delegates to listen, and think, instead of blogging, tweeting or taking pictures. Nicole Ferraro, the website editor, ends with:

Listening… Remember what that feels like?


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