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Ensaimade is the star: Another travel tweet-up video

November 29, 2009

Hola Amic! I’ve never before seen a video where a pastry plays a starring role.

What’s more, this so-called “Ensaimade” cake from Majorca isn’t even that well known – and if you listen carefully you’ll hear several people doubting its existence.

This is a brilliant, if somewhat covert and undercover, video from last month’s WTM Travel Tweet-up. It was filmed by Amic Hotels (amichotels on Twitter)

At the start, you’ll see yours truly being asked a few questions about the event, under duress I might add as I was being threatened by a large section of Ensaimade crust, just out of shot.

Then some nice footage of all the attendees, which is actually pretty good as it captures the buzz of the evening, and also the brief prize draw that took place.

Then we get to see travel professionals, from across the globe, force-fed pieces of this cake. For example, freelance travel journalist Donald Strachan (@hackneye on Twitter) can be seen saying (with his mouth full):

“It tastes like nothing I’ve ever had before. What is it, light pastry? Creme Anglais? It’s unique.”

As a bonus, the last minute of the video reveals various shots of Amic hotels in Majorca and a banging euro-trance anthem.

Amic Hotels, we salute you!

See pictures of the WTM Travel Tweet-up, or watch another video of the evening (but this pales into insignificance compared with the above).

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