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Checking out of Twitter

December 6, 2009

Call it a Christmas break, call it ennuis, but it’s time to dip out of Twitter for a while.

Several reasons…

Distracting, time consuming, cluttered, over-crowded and, at the moment, slightly uninspiring…

Originally I used it as a tool to report on the launch of P&O Cruises’ new ship, Ventura, and then plenty of other reasons cropped up afterwards.

But now it’s time for a pause.

However, My Twitter account will still chime every time a new post is written on this blog (which will hopefully become more frequent – micro-blogging anyone?). You’ll notice the name change too, to Blog_MParsons.

As a channel, Twitter is continuing to prove useful and informative, but perhaps less scope to be experimental as the airwaves become congested, and in turn confusing. But it’s still growing – have a look at my Travel/Twitter database and you’ll see what I mean.

And as ever I always welcome emails from people or comments for feedback on this blog, and of course for feedback for content on (the website of Travel Trade Gazette, the publication which I work for). I’ll probably cease to use Twitter as a communication tool, for now…

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