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Is ‘New Media’ new? And the evil side of the internet

December 6, 2009

Just wondering – is new media still a valid concept? People still say it, don’t they. Or is it just me. I’ve had it in this blog’s title for a while, but perhaps it’s now defunct. Or is it digital?

On another note, I’ve become increasingly aware how much a time resource the web can be. If we’re not reading tweets, blogs, we’re attempting to learn new applications. Wave, Spotify, Foursquare and more…

There’s a part of me that thinks for every action online, that’s something removed from the real world. An effort, an action, a phone call – something physical…

Of course, relationships built around the web are important, and particularly so when working with people overseas. But there’s definitely a time-consuming element, and for me it’s been a growing problem. Probably one reason I’ve decided to take some Twitter time out.

There’s also been an evil element in the web recently – most recently Rod “Jan Moir” Liddle. Be controversial (screen grab below), and you shall be rewarded (with 174 comments and follow-up posting).

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  1. Chris Jenkins permalink
    July 22, 2010 10:47 pm

    Good stuff

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