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Weaning off social media

December 8, 2009

I’m weaning myself off social media…

I’ve always wanted to get weaning in a headline, it’s such a nice word. But how does it start?

First you need a general sense that time is slipping by, then you can begin by being ruthless. Axe one app at a time. My first was Twitter, but I’m still looking at it occasionally – if it’s gradual it helps. Going “Cold Twitter” should not be attempted in one go. This tweet by fellow UBM-er and former editor Phil Clark made me laugh, summing it up perfectly.

So after a few days, I’m starting to feel the effects. I’ll linger over a newspaper longer and read, not scan, articles.

In fact, today I made it all the way through an essay (that’s what the Independent is calling it, but really it’s a comment piece. Nice try though). The aptly titled Has the internet brought us together or driven us apart?

I also read somewhere that ditching social media is the new social media, like Thursdays are the new Fridays, but as my brain is still readjusting, I’ve forgotten where I saw this.

Viva the anti-revolution.

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