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Why is social media getting more confusing?

June 27, 2010

So we use Google to search for things, Twitter to send out short messages, Facebook to interact with friends, and Foursquare to discover places.

Not any more. Now Google wants to create its own version of Facebook – well, that’s a rumour, but there is a petition – and Twitter is launching an attack against Foursquare (Mashable article).

A lot of people already question the relevance of Twitter, and especially Foursquare. I’m always having a hard time explaining it, with my most common answer being:

“Well, if I go to Pret a lot, and check in, and become ‘Mayor’, then I might get a free coffee”…

The truth is that it’s fun to experiment – as it was when I tried out Twitter more than two years ago.

However, back then you knew what applications did what, so they were easier to try out. But now you’re not sure who does what, yet alone why.

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