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V for video (Published in TTG 07.07.2011)

September 25, 2011

(Published in TTG 07.07.2011)

V for video

Could the introduction of a ‘CV video’ tool help save time for both recruiters and candidates in the travel industry? Matthew Parsons reports

The jobs market is getting tougher, with a recent survey from the Association of Graduate Recruiters stating the number of graduate applications is set to soar to an average of 83 per vacancy this year.

Over the past few years, many social media websites such as LinkedIn have helped job hunters become more efficient, yet one recruitment firm is claiming its new CV tool will “revolutionise the way candidates are selected”.

C&M Travel Recruitment has teamed up with Innovate CV to allow candidates to upload a video to CVs.

As well as uploading all of the usual details, such as employment history and education, a two to five-minute clip can be added, where the job seeker summarises their skills.

Videos can automatically be uploaded using a PC or laptop’s built-in web cam, mobile phone, or even via a pasted-in YouTube clip.

The website also provides video guides on how best to portray yourself, and offers examples of other CV videos from other candidates in a range of sectors.

“We don’t force people to add a video, but we recommend they do so,” said C&M commercial director David Robinson, who spearheaded the video project.

“A CV never does a person justice. Sometimes you meet someone, and you’re wowed.

“From a client perspective, you want that person to stand out, to make the recruiter stop, look and think. This is how a CV needs to be
to represent the best in someone.”

Revamp time
Robinson added that C&M plans to build on the video tips to make them more travel-related.

Agent Debra Hammond of Designer Travel said she thought the tool would save the industry a lot of time.

“It’s about time the old A4 got a revamp,” she said. “A short video will save time waiting on both sides, because you know yourself within two minutes of meeting someone if they will be the right person for the job.”

She also suggested the feature could also work “the other way round”.

“To have the person offering the job explain it, you would also know if you would be able to do it,” she said.

Your best side
A serious presentation from the candidate themselves may also help offset any other impressions a recruiter might garner about an individual from social media websites.

Anthony Goord from Peter Goord Travel said: “From an employer’s point of view, the more information about the applicant the better.

“When I receive a job application and feel the person might be worth interviewing, I would also look them up on Facebook.

“It might not be the image the person wants to portray, but it most probably will give me a better idea of their good and bad points instantly!”

With travel agents being urged to make better use of video content in selling a destination, using this medium to help sell themselves could also see results.

“It’s going to take some time, but with greater broadband speeds, and forward facing web cams now common in most smartphones, it will catch on,” Robinson added.

“And for the early-20s generation, it’s second nature. If we engage with them now, hopefully we’ve got them through their entire careers.”

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